Motivation 101

Currently, it’s 12:56 am EST, and I am sick and tired of sitting around and laying around my bed and doing nothing. Instead, I found a better way to make it productive but writing this blog and expressing my thoughts about how to get motivated around your goals and just crush it overall.

Define your goals

That’s right! That’s 80% of the equation. When you define your goals, you know what you need to work on and build a plan around it. Whether it be making more money, being a Ph.D. in Data Structures, or acing your classes, define them!

Make a SMART plan

Ever heard of SMART plans? That’s right! SMART plans are Sustainable, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely. Make a plan around your daily schedule where you could allocate some time towards your goal. You don’t need to sit for hours on the computer screen and code every day to be a master in CompSci. Instead, you do it for one hour each day consistently and it’s going to add for the month and the year!

Motivation is BS

You don’t need the motivation to crush your goals. You need discipline. Motivation comes and goes like clouds. So, how do you achieve discipline? Well, I have a simple “2-minute rule.” Whenever you feel tired, indisciplined to work towards your goals, just make a small goal to sit down for 2 minutes and work. By the time 2 minutes have passed, you find yourself tempted to do and finish the incomplete task. Personally, this has created a snowball effect for many of my goals.


In a nutshell, define your goals, make plans around them, and use the “2-minute rule.” I don’t guarantee you any success with the rules I mentioned above but it sure will make you more productive than you were yesterday.

I haven’t been writing any blog for the past year :( However, I am holding myself accountable with this post! More technical and motivational blogs coming in :) Please like and share! Signing off…..



An enthusiastic teen passionate about trading and software engineering!

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Syed Hassan Ali Rizvi

An enthusiastic teen passionate about trading and software engineering!